Dollar Photo Club Recommends Adobe Stock: Why Should You Choose Another?

The Dollar Photo Club is now closed for new members. After the announcement, it has been suggesting visitors to join Adobe Stock instead. Surely, Adobe’s stock photo agency is good. But, why would you settle for good if there is something better? Stock Photo Secrets introduces a better Dollar Photo Club alternative that provides its newest members with two times the number of DPC image downloads at the same price.

The Dollar Photo Club recommends Adobe Stock because it the same stock photo website that purchased it. It will terminate all its services on April 15, so it is offering its members to transition to AS for a better and more streamlined services. Of course, this move is only voluntary. You can choose to find a greater alternative. Here are some reasons why you should consider Stock Photo Secrets’ endorsement – 99 Club.

  1. Transferring to Adobe Stock entitles you to only one year of special offers. The transition is alluring. You will get to use your remaining downloads, enjoy exclusive discounts of $9.99 per 10 images and purchase extra images for $0.99 each for the duration of the promotion. However, there are two undeniable downsides. First, you need an Adobe ID to access all these offers, but Adobe Stock is not supported in all countries. Second, the offer stands for only a year. Regular subscription rates, which can be expensive, will be billed after that.
  2. 99 Club offers affordable images with the same Dollar Photo Club experience. 99 Club has over 4 million royalty-free images in its collection. It continually grows by adding 60,000 to 80,000 fresh photos every month. All images possess the necessary license and releases, so you can use them in any creative project for as long as you like. They do not have expiration; thus, you can use them forever – even when your subscription is over.

A 99 Club membership only costs $99 for one year and entitles you to 200 high quality images (of any size). That is twice the number of image downloads you can get from the Dollar Photo Club. You can also purchase additional images $0.99 each if you need more. 99 Club is similar with the DPC in many ways. They both offer affordable images with no additional fees and commitment. They both give value for your money, browse around here.

When choosing a Dollar Photo Club alternative, you need to consider your creative needs and budget. With double the image downloads at a better price, 99 Club becomes a worthy candidate than Adobe Stock. If you are looking for a primary image source that will give you value for your money, sign up to Stock Photo Secrets’ 99 Club today. The offer is only available to a limited number of members. Hurry and sign up now!


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