How to Find Cheap images Using Advanced Search Tips


Have you tried the browsing and quick image search tips to find cheap images but to no avail? Then, you should try conducting an advanced image search. Advanced image search is offered by many stock image sites to help their customers filter results and find images that best fit their creative needs. Here are some helpful hints and advices to improve your searches and get good results.

Combine Keywords


Do you want to search for stock images with more keywords? You can do so in the advanced image search. Just enter a space character between your keywords. You do not have to type AND as the space is understood as it is. If you intend to extend or narrow down your search, then you can add AND or NOT between your keywords. For instance, the keywords “flower bee” will give you all images with flowers and bees. “Flower or Bee” will give you images with either or both. “Flower not bee” will yield images with flowers without bees.

NOTE: You can also use a minus sign before a keyword to narrow down your search.

Dictionary for Terms

Are you looking for a special image or effect? This dictionary of terms might help you achieve more tightened results. Some keywords you can use include top view, soft focus, wide angle, close up, aerial photo, high key and studio shot. Commonly used keywords include:

  • Isolated – This allows you to isolate your motives.
  • Oblique View – This yields images with tilted horizons.
  • Selective Focus – The focus is on small part of an image. The rest is blurred.
  • Background – This pertains to images that can be used for a montage.
  • White Background, Black Background, Colored Background – The motif is found in front of the background.
  • Defocused, Blurred Motion – This refers to images with motion blur.
  • Copy Space – The image has enough space for text.

Searching for People


Do your desired images involve people? What age bracket do you need? You can search for persons using these keywords:

  • Enter 0-12 months, 1-3 years, 3-8 years, 8-13 years, 13-18 years, 18-30 years, 30-45 years, 45-60 years, 60 and older, baby, child, teenager, senior, young adult or young woman if you are looking for a specific age.
  • Enter no person, 1 person, 2 persons, 3 persons, 4 persons or group if you require a specific number of persons in your image.
  • You can also specify details by adding a perspective, line of vision and hair. For instance, you can enter front view, looking at camera, and blonde hair.

If you are looking to find more specific cheap images for your creative projects, these tips will greatly help. Use advanced image search to get specified results.